Thomas Street Reserve All Abilities Playground Hampton

Feb 16, 2022 | Playgrounds | 0 comments

This is a wonderland of play and adventure accessible to to children of all ages, interests and abilities.

The main feature of this playground is the towering timber castle, paying homage to a previous timber fort built on the site over 30 years ago. The castle has multiple entry points and lots of tunnels and slides. It gets very busy with older children trying to get in and out! However the younger kiddies are able to enjoy the smaller castle structure. The great thing about this castle is, underneath each balancing obstacle is a safety surface to stop children falling through.

Further along you will find a sand play area that includes water play. Near the sand play area are a number of timber watch towers, as well as an Excalibur sword waiting to be removed from a stone.

This playground is designed with imaginative play elements, nature, and sensory play in every corner, awaiting exploration. It is complete with wheelchair trampolines, flying foxes, slides of all sizes, a range of swings, a parkour/obstacle course, dj booth (music play area), braille signs, and a water play area. There is also a giant spinning tunnel that attracts a lot of attention and laughter.

There are lots of animal statues and larger than life structures, such as a giant nest or the enormous bell 🔔 that give this playground a fantastical quality.

Just past the playground is a seniors exercise area fitted out with a range of outdoor equipment, and an information board. Almaas and a few other children found this area to be as much fun as the playground as they swung from the “monkey bars”.

There are many amenities on offer, including a toilet block (which has a ‘Changing Places’ facility), sheltered seating, drinking fountains as well as dog bowls for your four legged friends.

This all-inclusive playground will have you swept off your feet with all its colour, variety, and magic. It’s the perfect afternoon or day out for the whole family.


• Water fountain
• Sheltered Seating
• Toilets
• Seniors exercise area
• Dog bowls
• Braille signage
• Water play