Seville Water Play Park

Feb 10, 2022 | Playgrounds | 0 comments

​If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do on a hot day, Seville water play park located in the East is your go to!

The site was formerly the Seville War Memorial swimming pool, with the current space retaining some elements of the former pool.
In the water play area, the fun begins with water flowing from a boulder, and jets positioned the length of the grounds. Near the boulder, water shoots up about the height of a toddlers’ knee, whilst at the other end water propels higher.
There are multiple sheltered seating options near the waterplay area, as well as toilets. You’ll also find a dry creek and a farm-themed playground nearby.
All in all, a lovely place to enjoy a summers day!
• Water fountain
• Sheltered seating
• Toilets
• Oval
• Playground
• Waterplay
• Car parking