Oaks Park Playground

Jun 17, 2021 | Playgrounds | 0 comments

This is the playground version of a super-food. The range and quality of play equipment are second to none, and it does everything you could ask of it – sand play, free play, sporting facilities, caters for different ages/abilities and interests, and will have your kids not wanting to leave!!! In fact we saw a few tears triggered by that very fact! It’s only downside is that it does not have the provision of a toilet, as is the case for most parks within housing estates.

The most obvious and most exciting feature is a couple of enclosed curly slides towering over the entire playground. Our fearless Almaas climbed the narrow staircase to access them. Despite these being for the big kids, Almaas wouldn’t be missing out on such a high, and ended up in these slides numerous times. Be sure you’ve got a whole morning or afternoon available for this adventure experience, as each zone can keep the kids engaged and happy for a while. 

The big kids play zone also features tunnels positioned within large mounds covered in soft fall rubber, slanted scramble walls, balance beams, a rope climbing course and a balance obstacle course. 

The sand play area, encased by boulders, was bustling with kiddies climbing on the rocks, enjoying the digger, and filling the bucket and bowl elements. It is suitably surrounded by a toddler-friendly play area with scramble walls, ramps, steps and bridges and a few small scale slides (one of which spills into the sandpit). 

There are multiple swing sets within the playground, a range of medium and small slides, lots of soft fall rubber slopes to explore, and lots of boulders to climb on, encouraging physical challenges and imaginative play. 

In the heart of the playground you’ll find a large shelter with seating and bbq facilities, as well as many seat/table options scattered around. There’s also a lovely large green lawn for picnics or ball games. 

On the other side of the lawn, away from the playground, there’s a fabulous multi-use sporting area with skate ramps, basketball court, and a rebound wall. If that still hasn’t got you getting active, the range of outdoor gym equipment will definitely do so. The park also features a well defined walking path around it and through it. 

All in all a truly fabulous adventure park experience, well worth a visit! 



  • Walking path 
  • Solar powered bin 
  • Dog bowl
  • Street parking 
  • Sheltered seating/tables 
  • BBQs 
  • Basketball half court 
  • Rebound wall 
  • Skate park 
  • Outdoor gym stations