Highett Reserve Playground

Nov 5, 2021 | Playgrounds | 0 comments

Highett Reserve is home to the Highett Football Club, as well as an amazing playground.

The large timber fortress is the centrepiece of this playground and includes a “drawbridge” leading to the internal structure. Couple the large fortress, with the troll garden (featuring carved coloured mushrooms, trolls and wildlife) shaded by an old fig tree, and you have yourself a children’s paradise!

You’ll also find a half-basketball court, a mobilus (a type of seesaw intended for older children), swings, rockers, and an awesome buzz of imaginative play and nature! There’s plenty of seating, as well as a sheltered BBQ area.

This is certainly a worthy destination for a day out!


•Water fountain
•Dog bowl 🐶
•Sheltered seating
•Half basketball court 🏀
•Car parking 🚗