Badgers Brooke Estate Winery

Feb 22, 2022 | Family Destinations | 0 comments

This is play heaven for the kids and yes its got a draw card for the adults (🍷) too!


The Badgers brook winery in the Yarra Valley has set up a heavenly playground- the main adventure playground structure is called the kids castle 🏰 and features towers and lots of different slides (enclosed and open) of various sizes. It is surrounded by number of animal figures, a gigantic timber barrel, and a large enclosed trampolining zone. There’s also a separate play area dedicated to a large ball pit (with a tower and slide in its center) and an area with a variety of animal rockers.
But your kiddies will need to first get past the appetizer- as you enter the winery, the entire length is framed by vineyards and …swings… swings of every size and type, all lined up… we’re sure there’s be enough for every child/adult that visits at any one time!
If all of this hasn’t got your family
entertained, then go ahead and visit the tiniest chapel 💒, the tree house, the upside down house, and so many other surprises I’ll leave for the photos to explain!
Oh and don’t forget to get a bite to eat and of course some 🍷!!

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